Our Products


We offer a unique RTU ( Ready-to-use) onion. Our onions are washed, peeled and cut into dices and afterwards cooked, fried Or caramelized. Our production process takes away our client’s hassle of having To process the onions themselves. This makes our onions the perfect ingredient For the food industry or food service. Perfect solution for the food industry that uses onion as part of their raw materials.


We offer raw and frozen empanadas for the food service, supermarkets and wholesalers. This is the perfect solution providing a ready meal with excellent quality, convenience and tasty solution.


We offer to this industry amazing new products that helps the tortilla products become more resistant, soft and flexible. Excellent for reheating. Also provides cost effectiveness as it increases yield of tortilla by 5% to 8% and reduces gas consumption by 10% to 15%. This products provide the perfect solution for the tortilla industry.