“You are what you eat, a healthy outside starts from the inside…”

Diferentiation quality and service is our reference


Our strenght is the possibility of developing new products adapted to our customers, providing added value, reducing costs and increasing the quality of your final product.

New Products

We work every day on the development of new products and solutions as well as improvements to existing products. We do dozens of tests every year.


We love to help clients in advising on our Ready-To-Use products to be adapted to the client’s needs, giving a customized service to each one of them.

We sell differentiate products with professionalism, service and good profits for our customers

Best Products

We are always in the search for the best products for the food service industry. We supply differentiate products for different food industries for example: Tortilla industry, restaurants, super markets and food plants that use onion as their raw material.


Provide to the food industry quality products with certain differentiation.


Develop local food producers selling their products around the world


Customer service, professionalism, integrity, creativity and innovation.


CLEVONE products is a Foodservice company. And, we have an extensive history as a food manufacturer supplier. We began operations in Mexico 10 years ago and now we are expanding our knowledge and service to the United States.

Furthermore, we have a deep understanding of the industry. To illustrate, we have over 20 years of experience.

We identify an important need in the United States food industry by providing differentiate quality products and superb service. The Food Service industry needs suppliers that can be trust and provide the necessary needs in order to give their customers the best culinary experience.

In CLEVONE our mission is provide those differentiate products allowing our customers achieve their goal to serve their customers.



We offer to this industry amazing new products that helps the tortilla products become more resistant, soft and flexible. Excellent for reheating. Also provides cost effectiveness as it increases yield of tortilla by 5% to 8% and reduces gas consumption by 10% to 15%. This products provide the perfect solution for the tortilla industry.


We offer a unique RTU ( Ready-to-use) onion. Our onions are washed, peeled and cut into dices and afterwards cooked, fried Or caramelized. Our production process takes away our client’s hassle of having To process the onions themselves. This makes our onions the perfect ingredient For the food industry or food service. Perfect solution for the food industry that uses onion as part of their raw materials.


We offer raw and frozen empanadas for the food service, supermarkets and wholesalers. This is the perfect solution providing a ready meal with excellent quality, convenience and tasty solution.