About Us

Our commitment is to provide differentiated products for the food service and food production industry that allows them to be more efficient, profitable, and trustworthy to their customers.


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Our Philosophy

We are convinced that good nutrition is the future of a healthy world. We contribute to this mission by providing good and innovative products to the food industry.


Provide to the food industry quality products with certain differentiation.


Develop local food producers selling their products around the world


Customer service, professionalism, integrity, creativity and innovation.

CLEVONE Products is a Foodservice company. And, we have an extensive history as a food manufacturer supplier. We began operations in Mexico 10 years ago and now we are expanding our knowledge and service to the United States. Furthermore, we have a deep understanding of the industry. To illustrate, we have over 20 years of experience.


We identify an important need in the United States food industry by providing differentiate quality products and superb service. The Food Service industry needs suppliers that can be trust and provide the necessary needs in order to give their customers the best culinary experience. In CLEVONE our mission is provide those differentiate products allowing our customers achieve their goal to serve their customers.